Our methods and priorities to target issues


Strategic Focus and Proposed Methods

Through research and strategising, Heart for Youth has identified the following strategic which are currently underserved and proposed methods to address them:

Strategic Focus

1. Sexual education of young children to include stand on pornography and dangers of sex trafficking. (Public domain)

2. Education of parents to the dangers of Internet pornography and sexual exploitation of their children on line and in real life. (Public domain)

3, Empowerment and education of parents to engage, influence and empower their children to make the right choiceshelp them when they make wrong choices. (Public domain influencing Private space)

4. Personal empowerment of children, teenagers and youth to make the right choices.(Private space)

5. Support network to help identify & engage vulnerable children, teenagers and youth to seek help in developing relationships so that they can be accountable. (Public domain influencing Private space)

Heart for Youth proposes to address these issues with three programmes:

1. Sex education course (primary school children and their parents)
2. Children, Teenage & Youth Discipleship / Character building programmes
3.Accountability system and network


Programme  1

a. A sex education course aimed at Primary school aged children to be delievered by health professionals and experts. (Addresses focus area 1)

b. To include a clear and pre-defined frame of reference and stand on pornography and sex trafficking. (Addresses focus areas 2,4)

c. First few lesson should be integrated with training of parents of young children and much of the course would be practical communication from parent to child(Addresses focus areas 1-3)

Programme  2

a. Research, adapt (source from existing providers) or develop character-building programmes and discipleship programmes based on a solid foundation(Addresses focus area 4)

b. Empower (equip and resource) organisations (eg churches) to develop and implement character-building and discipleship programmes which build moral character of children, teens and youth. (Addresses focus area 3)

Programme 3

a. Research, adapt (source from existing providers) or develop accountability programmes based on a solid foundation(Addresses focus area 5)

b. Empower (equip and resource) organisations (eg churches) to develop and implement acountability programmes involving children, teens and youth. (Addresses focus area 3)

c. Identify ways to engaging vulnerable children, teenagers and youth and help them develop accountable relationships.


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