A global multi-faceted problem requires multi-pronged solutions

Classification of issues to identify roots


According to our assessment and research, there are three distinct areas which are targetable with various different strategies. We are addressing the roots of the issues ie individuals rather than the environment (eg legislation, parental filters etc).Solutions

1. The public domain

This refers to society in general. It involves parents, educators, peers etc. We identify this target area since this is the focus of education and awareness programmes conducted by individuals, NGOs and schools.

Through mass education and the use of influence, it is possible to make some headway on educating and changing the public perception towards pornography, human sex trafficking and women in general. The successful need to have great influence and popularity.

2. The private space

Everyone from children to middle-aged men, and anyone in between including teenagers and youth, have a private space. In our model, we define this individual character and attitudes which determine their interaction with what we call the underworld.

For example, as children / teenagers and youth, do they view pornography? How do teenage boys treat their girlfriends? How do girls behave with boys at parties and on dates?  Do single men visit prostitutes for their sexual needs / wants? Do men sexually exploit their girlfriends or pimp them?

These are some of the endless possibilities but one gets the idea that this space is really unaddressable other than through moral character building and accountability.

3. The Underworld

This world as we have described in the introduction is a well-organised multi-billion dollar set up which reaps its profits from internet pornography and prostitution. Importantly, it preys on the most vulnerable, young boys and girls, exploits and oppresses them as sex-slaves. Unfortunately, this world is made up of real men, women, girls and boys and we do not use the term “underworld” to suggest that the individual is unimportant nor that the victims are sinister but to describe accessibility for the purpose of strategy development.

Based on our research and assessment, it is almost impossible to deal with this and hence we refer to it as the underworld.  By the use legislation and enforcement, we can prevent children from being preyed upon through the internet and sexually exploited, and deal with prostitution in a similar manner (though the effectiveness of such methods are a matter of current debate which we do not wish to address here). Furthermore, 1% of victims that escape can be rescued and reintegrated.

For the most part, none of us will ever have any dealings with this underworld so we can only address issues before they get sucked into the underworld or when victims escape.

Current Strategies and Areas of Need

The issues and current strategies undertaken by others to address them


What is being done in the public domain

There have been many laudable efforts to already underway to change perception of the way the world views young girls & women (eg Ms Tara Teng, Dove, etc) which is in our opinion really addressing some of the most important issues of the day. Our colleagues at MSO Vancouver (formerly VANAB) are complementing that with awareness education which extremely useful and gets at the heart for the problem.

What is being done to address the Underworld

For human sex trafficking, there have been many organisations involves including Servants’ Anonymous. The Salvation Army, just to name a few. They have access to what we term the underworld (for most of us do not have any way of engaging that world). Together with various global and National foundations, governments and NGOs, address the issues of Legistrative reform and enforcement as well as rescue and reintegration of victims (note: UN reports suggest that only 1% of victims are ever rescued).

Current areas needing attention

We have identified the following areas which are currently underserved:

1. Sexual education of young children to include stand on pornography and dangers of sex trafficking. (Public domain)

2. Education of parents to the dangers of Internet pornography and sexual exploitation of their children on line and in real life. (Public domain)

3, Empowerment and education of parents to engage, influence and empower their children to make the right choices, help them when they make wrong choices. (Public domain influencing Private space)

4. Personal empowerment of children, teenagers and youth to make the right choices. (Private space)

5. Support network to help identify & engage vulnerable children, teenagers and youth to seek help in developing relationships so that they can be accountable. (Public domain influencing Private space)