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Covenant Eyes is an Internet filtering service which has coordinated a talk on pornography and how we can create a culture of confession and freedom in our churches.

They also host a very useful Blog


Day of Promise and Purity

12 – 12 – 12

On 12 Dec 2012, at 12:12 pm, we encouraged our partners and followers to pray for repentance and dedicate our individual lives to purity. We also remembered the Promise of Jesus Christ who will enable us to live lives of purity by the shedding of His blood on the cross.

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Whole house internet filter

Whole-House Internet Filters

When we first moved into our house, we found that it was equipped with a water filter only at the tap that connected to the refrigerator water dispenser. That means that if you wanted filtered water, you had to have it pre-chilled. This was not only a luxury but a necessity when occasionally you would see sediments in your water (that is before the water mains were upgraded). Wouldn’t it have been nice if we could have a whole house water filter so that we could drink water from every tap in the house. Such devies do exist and they are expensive.

Using a similar analogy, the internet is almost as essential as water. Our household is constantly connected to the Internet via Broadband. We do not have a television set (yes, even in this day and age as we never liked the suggestive advertisements) but stream our media directly from the web. However, it seems that the television broadcast advertising might be more tightly regulated than the Internet (but that is a separate issue which we will address in another post). We also have 2 children aged 4 and 8 years and occasional have teenagers over at our place usually equipped with their own devices. Sometimes, we have seen while surfing to innocent sites, inappropriate advertisements and/or content, which are placed in ways that it is difficult to avoid if you are in a hurry.

Although we have device-specific internet security software and subscription-based parental filtering, we have always wondered if there as a whole house internet filtering device like a whole house water filter. We found similar contraptions to filter the inappropriate and undesirable stuff from your internet not only exists but is free!

The detailed instructions on OpenDNS  are simple and only took me a minute to set up and implement for our entire household which connects to the internet via a common gateway (in our case wireless router and a Broadboand modem). While it won’t filter the internet for iPhone and Android in the house with their own 3G data connection, most of our guests use the settings posted in our house to connect via our wireless; they will be protected.